Genomma Lab USA began to operate at the beginning of 2010, as part of Genomma Lab International, a multinational originally from Mexico, with presence in more than a dozen Latin American countries that is currently trading publically in the Mexican Stock Exchange.

We are an innovative and dynamic company, with the clear goal of being the experts and leaders in the over-the-counter and personal care categories where we currently commercialize mass consumption products.

With our knowledge and expertise, we will continuously increase the offer of new products and we will expand our distribution to be available everywhere for our current and potential consumers. We will develop high quality brands, working together with our suppliers and clients in every step of the process, making every one of our dreams come true.

We will focus permanently on solving our consumer needs to improve their health and wellness, making a positive impact on our community and environment, working every day to make Genomma Lab a worldwide recognized company.

About Genomma Lab.

Our mission

Improve and protect the health and welfare of families through innovative, safe and effective products, providing development opportunities to our employees, profitability to our shareholders and influencing positively the community and the environment.

Our vision

Be the leader in our categories of over-the-counter medicines and personal care products for US consumers, and be recognized and valued for our positive impact on the health and wellness of the people, community and environment.

Our values
  • Integrity
  • Innovation / Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Sustainability
  • Efficiency / Effectiveness

Our Brands

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